I gave a talk last Thursday at Worthing Digital entitled 'Fast Slim Correct: The Evolution of JavaScript'. The story I wanted to tell was how a simple web scripting language has broken out of the browser and is now found in the most unexpected of places. In many ways this is the perfect counterpart to the JavaScript compiler articles I wrote for CreativeJS. Those were unashamedly technical, whereas I wanted this talk to be accessible to everyone.

We had a pretty good turnout on the night (possibly boosted by the presence of my wife's chocolate brownies). The audience was exactly what I'd hoped for - a nice mix of seasoned developers and non-techies. I wanted everyone to follow along so I started with the basics of what JS is, and what it's used for. Then covered the early days of the web and on through it's evolution into the "glue of the internet".

The slides went through about five revisions (as these things do) and much of that was due to the great feedback I had from presenting early drafts to David Rosam and my eight year old daughter. Thank you both.