With Flash on the Beach kicking off this weekend, the highlight of the UK Flash calendar is almost upon us. Once a year the great and the good of the community comes to Brighton to hang out, educate and inspire; and as usual, Jensa and I will be covering the event for FlashMagazine. If you are going along and you are a reader of the mag or the journal then do say hi.

Following hot on the heals of the Creative Suite 4 announcement from Adobe I'm expecting lots of useful info on Flash CS4, Pixel Bender and the like. Looking at the schedule for this years event I think I'm most excited about the end of day 'inspired' sessions.

Monday night is a rare chance to catch James Patterson on UK soil. He last spoke here at FlashForward in London in 2000. I have a hilarious interview I did with him and Joshua Davis at that con that never got published - I might try and dig it out for FlashMag's 10th anniversary in 2010.

Tuesday night is another chance to hear from Robert Hodgin, Proce55ing guru and creator of the new visualiser in iTunes 8. The con then goes out with a bang on Wednesday night with a talk from the incomparable Jonathan Harris. I'm a huge fan of his work. Not just for the technical ability required to create his visualisations but his uncanny ability to humanise the web.