As we draw closer to the end of 2008 ( International Year of the Potato and the Assistance Dog ) I noticed that we can't yet bid farewell to the International Year of Planet Earth. Although it began in January 2007 and ran through that year and this, it's not scheduled to finish until the end of 2009. The calendar year represents one revolution of the earth around the sun. I think someone at Unesco needs a basic lesson in astronomy.

Luckily 2009 has been designated International Year of Astronomy (and International Year of Natural Fibres, which I'm less excited about). If you are interested in astronomy then be sure to check out the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast. There will be one short episode (6 to 8 minutes) every day next year, and contributions are open to amateurs and professionals alike. I'm really excited to be contributing a little piece about the Equation of Time. I'll post more details in the journal in the new year.