Forty years ago today my parents sat me down in front of our old black and white television set. The whole family gathered round and on it we watched a man walk on the moon. It's a romantic image but if the truth be told I don't remember any of it. I was barely one year old, but I'm forever grateful to my parents that they thought it mattered. I can at least say I was there.

Skip forward four decades and I'm about to attend a screening of Duncan Jones new movie, Moon. It turns out that Duncan used to work at BMB (my new agency) and a couple of the partners here are space nuts, and had invested in the film. Duncan will be coming in to screen the trailer, give a quick talk and then we're off across the road to see the film.

I know things have been quiet on the post front these last few weeks but I've been busy getting up to speed with the new job. I was lucky enough to have two offers on the table and when it came time to choose I had to weigh up the usual stuff: the job, the commute, the salary, and the size of the company. But it was one other factor that really swung it for me - one of our clients is Virgin Galactic. No contest.