Just back from a long overdue holiday, hence the lack of postings last week. Managed to get photos of Joe the moose sitting in DaVinci's flying machine, inside a 12th century Moorish castle in Portugal. Deeply sad, yet somehow satisfying.

Here's some cool stuff in the pipeline at the moment:

  • The Flash overhaul is progressing slowly!
  • I have another couple of sites in the works that will need a spot of beta testing soon. Will post the URLs here when they're ready.
  • I've got an interview being published in FlashMagazine with those mad French coders over at cHmAn. It should be live in the next few days. Their Flash uber-opus: Banja goes on-line at the end of the month. I'm told they're up for an award at E3.
  • Last month I did some illustrations for the new issue of 'Tales of the reaching moon'. I wouldn't hold your breath though. It'll be great when it comes out, but they are notoriously slow!