"If you work on anything for long enough, then every year becomes the anniversary of something."
- attributed to Peter Hook

A month or so ago I was putting together my desktop calendars for 2020, when I realised I've now been doing this particular activity for almost 20 years. More importantly though, I've somehow managed to do it continuously, through marriage, children, numerous moves, career and technology changes, and you know... real life.

Admittedly, it's not a particularly onerous task. In fact it's quite fun. I can just about take a dozen interesting photos a year and I have templates in Sketch for each of the calendar elements. It just takes a bit of time and patience to assemble them all. This monthly ritual was inspired by the amazing communities that sprung up around the millennium (k10k, dreamless.org, three.oh etc.). Sadly all those communities are long since gone and the web has now turned 30. These days I just enjoy the annual process and the sheer longevity of the project.