There is still time to apply for charter membership of The Long Now Foundation - around 300 places are still available. 1000 Charter Members will receive the limited edition stainless steel Charter Member card (see above) and all members will have access to's video streams of the popular Seminars About Long Term Thinking (SALT). For those of us unable to get to the seminars in person, these high res streams offer a pretty good document of the event.

Members in the US will also benefit from free entry to the U.S. premiere of Brian Eno's '77 Million Paintings' installation. I took some photos of this (below) when it was on display at the Big Chill Festival in the UK last year. The environment consists of three large screens displaying images that constantly mutate and morph. 'Generative Art' isn't a new idea but it's interesting to see it handled by the pioneer of Generative Music.