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Inside the AS3 Date class: Introduction

by John

Now that I have a reliable working Timekeeper I think it’s time to move on to look at how we manage date and time in Actionscript.

Back in 2001 I wrote an article for Ultrashock.com about how to use the original Actionscript Date object. After a recent redesign the article disappeared but I’ve managed to track it down again amongst their archived tutorials. After seven years I thought it might be time to blow the dust off and bring it up to date for AS3.

Over the next week I’ll be dissecting the native AS3 Date object. I’ll examine how it works, what it can do and what additional functionality I might need to build. Working with date and time is full of subtleties and gotchas; even if you’re a seasoned developer I think there will be some useful information in there for you.

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