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Interactive infographics III

by John

I’ve commented on this before but I think online designers are spoiled. For all our superpowers (animation, interactivity, connectedness etc) we rarely produce work that communicates information as well as a good newspaper infographic.

As Flash developers/designers we know how to create an immerse experience that will engage the user. That’s a given. We’re only now learning how to extract meaning from raw data and then communicate those insights effectively to the user.

It’s no surprise then that the best interactive infographics work is coming out of the interactive departments of traditional newspapers. A few years ago the New York Times amalgamated their graphics and online department and the results of this crossover have been spectacular. In the video below Matt Ericson and Shan Carter from the NYT discuss the thinking behind their interactive graphics for the US election.

Matt Ericson and Shan Carter – SND NYC meetup from Society for News Design on Vimeo.

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Manhattan August 28, 02009 - 3:55 pm

I hate the idea that everything produced needs to be insightful. I don’t think it’s spoiled to love using Flash to make games or pretty animations and nothing more.


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