Google Code (for any non-technical visitors) is a free online service run by Google for hosting collaborative open source software projects. It offers simple project management tools for tracking issues, managing source code, mailing lists and wikis.

The project is developed and maintained by a team of Google engineers, two of which (Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman) were founders of the popular source control system Subversion. The video below was shot at Google I/o 2008 - in it Brian and Ben talk about how Google Code works and give some illuminating insights into some of their design decisions.

Earlier in the week I set up a project for The Computus Engine at Google Code. You can find the code repository at

The Animated main preloader in AS3 is still a really popular download so I've uploaded the code for this one first, along with a worked example. I've taken the opportunity to clean up the structure a bit so that all examples use the full org.computus domain structure. Over the next few weeks I'll upload the Timekeeper and BaseComponent classes along with new tests and examples. I'll also be updating the older download links to point to the new Google Code repository.

As I explained in Salami Tactics I'll soon be breaking the project out into distinct, more manageable parts. These will each have a distinct area of focus and a clear set of deliverables. Moving the development onto Google Code should help open things up a bit. Contributions are encouraged. Keep an eye out here and if there's a particular project that piques your interest then by all means get involved.