Back in the 1970's the late great Ken Campbell staged an epic nine hour stage version of the Illuminatus! trilogy. Not content with this he followed it up with a 22-hour staging of Neil Oram's The Warp cycle. These haemorrhoid inducing theatrical marathons pale however when compared with the world's longest concert.

In a small chapel in Halberstadt, Germany an organ is playing Organ2/ASLSP by John Cage. The recital began in September 5th 2000 (Cage's 88th birthday) and is due to last for another 630 years. The church of St. Burchardi was packed this morning as crowds gathered to witness a rare event: the changing of a note.

The original video longer exists. The video below has modern coverage.

For more information about John Cage, ASLSP and church of St. Burchardi you can visit the John Cage Orgelprojeckt.

thanks to Jay Ball