The 2016 Last Encore music project has come to a close. When I first spoke about it back in January I remarked that it had been a "rough few weeks for music". Little did we know what was to come. The final playlist came in at for over 22 hours of music from over 340 artists.

This is the fifth and probably final year of this particular project. Celebrity deaths are in the zeitgeist so it might be time to move on. It's hard to take a project about mortality and leave it on a positive note but I'm going to try. If you're reading this today then you were lucky enough to be alive while these artists were still recording. And if you were very lucky, you maybe had a chance to see them play live. Leonard Cohen may have hung up his raincoat but there of plenty of other great musicians still recording and touring. Go see live music while you can; your future self will thank you.