We have main engine start...
crashposition 2007 is go for launch!

Welcome to the new year, and a brand new web site. In fact, a lot of things are new right now: We've finally moved into our new house on the coast. It might just be the sea air but I'm feeling a lot more creative than I have in recent years. I'm still commuting into London for work so I've also got myself a new laptop to keep me sane.

Let's face it, I have a pretty terrible track record of updating this site so I'm adopting the development and release cycle known in the biz as 'perpetual beta'. That means I'll be shipping in new features when I have them working. I'll also be integrating all of the old content into the new engine over the coming months.

With the whole web going AJAX crazy last year it made perverse sense to me to do the opposite. So crashposition.com is once again all Flash. Well not completely, as I'm going to keep the blog chugging along in Movable Type. There's lots of improvements going on under the hood this time as well. I've migrated everything over to the new Media Temple Grid Server. That should improve up-time and it also lets me work with PHP5 and Ruby.

So have a good new year and hope to catch up with all of you all some time over the coming year.