I'm a great believer that organisations take on the personalities of their founders. This is certainly true of Flash on the beach, an annual gathering of creative and technical innovators from in and around the Flash community. John Davey, the events organiser, loves people. He's big, he's brash and he loves a party. And that's exactly what you get with Flash on the beach.

Now in year four, it's been going long enough that for regular attendees it has a real family atmosphere. This in turn gives the whole event an open and infectious creative vibe that I hope makes newcomers feel welcome. There is a lot of love for this event. You only have to run a quick Twitter search for the #FOTB tag to see for yourself.

This year I covered it for FlashMagazine along with my long term collaborator Jensa Brynildsen. With only two of us covering three streams it was a bit of a sprint but we have all the sessions written up now. I won't duplicate the content but here are the links if you'd like to find out more.

Adobe Flash CS5 Sneak Peaks from FOTB 2009
Flash on the beach - Day 1
Flash on the beach - Day 2
Flash on the beach - Day 3

And finally for a flavour of the event here is a short video I took of Andre Michelle's Flash Audio DSP session.